Totalt antall sidevisninger

søndag 22. november 2009

Long time no see

Haven't blogged in what feels like ages, probably not more than a month, but still.
We've started with 3D and Autodesk Maya at school. Quite fun and interesting, and it's hard enough to keep me interested and wanting to learn more. Then I get stuck and don't get anywhere, alt-tab and just surf the web. Usually end up at SomethingAwful or Facebook. Or, if I'm home, just play WoW or Fallout 3 or some random version of Championship Manager. Not so smart ...

My Xbox 360 died the other day. Came home from school, turned it on and voila, RRoD.
Mailed the support, due to me having crazy anxiety when it comes to calling people, or picking up the phone for that matter, and got told that I have to call them. *fumes a bit*

Also, I have absolutely no inspiration for new pictures or poems. Kinda frustrating, so all I do, is re-post my old poems, trying to reach out to new people and publishers, still trying to get my collection published. It's hard, I never get any answers from the publishers. I guess that means I'm not good enough.

As to why I'm suddenly writing in English? I have no idea. I just started to write and it came out like that. I guess you understand it anyway, though.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

You post on SA? Nice!

What's your username on there?

Anonym sa...

Ah, "Datasmurf".

Guess I should have seen that one coming.

SosJojURor sa...

Ha ha, yeah :P