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torsdag 5. august 2010

Cheese gratinated, cream stewed pytt y panna

Here comes some stuff in English. Just because I'm lazy and cba to translate it to Norwegian.

This is a recipe for my awesome, feel-good breakfast, cheese gratinated, cream stewed pytt y panna. (Usually I make it with red wine too, but I wanted people who drive to work / school / at all, to be able to enjoy it too, so I skipped it.)

The ingridients you'll need:

Parmesan / Rapesan:


Butter (I prefer butter that is already melted. It's handy for lazy persons):


Pytt y panna (Comes in a bag here in Norway, and I'm lazy and a poor student, so I don't go on about making my own):




Piri piri:

Salad dressing (I tend to use the spicy one from Bjerke for pizzas and kebabs):

What to do:
Buy (or make your own, it all comes out the same, really) a (cheap) bag of pytt a panna (potatoes, bacon/ham and onions cut up in cubes / small pieces together) and steak it at a 4 (if your oven goes to 6) or a 7 (if your oven goes to 9) or
whatever else that isn't max heat / power, but is over half.

Add whatever spices you like, I tend to use salt, pepper and oregano. And then I add some parmesan cheese to make it stick together.

When it looks and smells almost done, add a dash of cream and stir. When it starts to get thick, add some cheese slices and melt it. I tend to put a lid on it, to make the melting go faster.

Serve hot and straight away. I like a cold coke or a beer to it (perfect breakfast before long days at school / work, or when I want to treat my self a bit. Also works as dinner if I make too much).

If that's not enough for you, I recommend you try some spicy sauce / spicy salad dressing and some whole wheat tortillas. Makes it different, and either sends you happily to the can with a burning sensation down there or fills you up so that you can't move an inch.

Bonus picture of my apron:

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